What Is An Eyebrow Transplant?

What is an Eyebrow transplant

Erin Parson is a pro makeup artist and vintage makeup collector who recently underwent a dramatic procedure to get fuller brows. Parson did a little know treatment called an eyebrow transplant. It sounds gross but let us explain what an eyebrow transplant is.

If you’ve over tweezed your brows when it was in style in the ’90s, an eyebrow transplant may be the right choice for a permanent solution to fuller brows. It has the same mechanics as a hair transplant: “Fine hairs from the back of the head are removed by either a small linear scar or through tiny little circles around the base of each individual hair follicle and then placed into small, very carefully designed sites in the eyebrow [area],” explains the New York City-based board-certified plastic surgeon Parson visited, Yael Halaas.

Parson explained to Allure magazine, “Brows are such an expressive thing” adding that she tried alternatives like microblading but didn’t like how fake the results looked. She even had a beauty tech put eyelash extensions on her brows but it didn’t last very long.

The eyebrow transplant costs a minimum of about $5,000. “You’re awake for the whole five-hour procedure, but you’re in a good state though; let me tell you. You don’t feel a thing, watching Netflix, while they’re picking the follicles out of the piece of skin they took from my scalp near the nape of my neck, where the finest hair grows. They pulled some follicles, and I have 400 on each brow,” Parson described the procedure.

What is an Eyebrow transplant

She continued, “You’re putting holes in your face and inserting follicles — it’s not a lot of intense damage” but she admits to being swollen as you can tell from the post procedure pic above. There’s also the healing process which entails, being “scabby and gross.” The transplanted hair then falls out but three months later it regrows.

Check out Erin Parson’s finished look below. Would you try an eyebrow transplant?

What is an Eyebrow transplant

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