Tips For Creating A Natural Makeup Look

How to create a natural makeup look
Whether you are headed to a girls night out or the office, a natural makeup look will make you feel polished and put together. A soft makeup look is something everyone should know how to do. Here are our tips on achieving a natural makeup look and the essential products for a natural makeup application that you should always have.

DO:  Foundation
Even out your skin’s completion by wearing a light to medium foundation like the Glossier Perfecting Skin Tint. It will cancel out redness or spots on the face making the skin more uniformed and bright without looking like you are wearing makeup. The finish of this tinted moisturizer is light with a slight glow and is best applied with fingers for a skin like finish.

DON’T: Avoid heavier foundations which can give an obvious “hi I’m wearing makeup” vibe.

How to create a natural makeup look

DO: Choose mascara over eyeliner

Eyeliner is an essential for defining and lifting eyes but if you are going for a “no makeup” makeup look opt for just a soft coat of mascara instead.
Curl your lashes and apply one coat of the Trish McEvoy Curling mascara for soft yet dense looking lashes. A curled lash will give a bright wide eyed look and this tubular formula won’t clump lashes together while the soft black pigment is good for all skin tones.

DON’T: Avoid very thick mascaras that can cause clumping- an obvious sign that you weren’t born with those lashes.

How to create a natural makeup look

DO: Cream blush
A little definition on the cheeks really completes a look by highlighting the shape of the face. The little bit of flush you get on the cheeks creates a youthful glow and brings life back to the skin after you’ve evened it out with the foundation. A cream based blush will make it seem like the color is coming from within the skin. Try the new NARS Air Matte Blush.

DON’T: Place blush higher on the cheek bone closer to the hair line and blend forward towards the apple. Too much blush in the center of the face gives a boozy look.

How to create a natural makeup look

DO: Tinted lip balm
There are an abundance of lip products out there. Opting for something hydrating and sheer will be a great way to compliment lips and finish the makeup look without feeling unnatural. Try a shade closest to your natural lip color. We love the Fresh Sugar lip treatments in the shades Spice, Honey and Petal. For an added feature match your lip color to your blush. The monochromatic look will make wearing makeup effortless.

DON’T: Lip liners are a nice way to kick up your look and give definition to your lip shape but forgo it if you want to stay more effortless.

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