Thoughts on Skincare and Makeup for Over 40

Are you over 40? Don’t worry I am not going to tell if you are, but I am. I have skincare issues I have never had before as I am getting a bit older. Understanding I still think age is just a number and being over 40 is a good thing. Why? Let’s see for me my kids are all grown up and out from under foot. I don’t ever ever want to do that again! Now while I see other women with young children I think great for them if they want to deal with that. Me? No thank you! I don’t even want to be a grandmother!! So all that mess that you have for being a women in general, I now have no monthly cycle!! See? There are some great things about being over 40 gets you. I get asked to see my driver license when I tell someone I am going to be 46 this year.

Starting with doing these things has made a difference is how my face and body look now. Having taking good care of my skin, use sunscreen all year round, quit smoking years ago, don’t wear makeup that takes away from my natural beauty, try to eat right and lost weight I don’t look that age number. When you get second looks, and even whistled at you, its good to be over 40!

What does being over 40 done for you? Are you living life or caring for children still? Are starting to care for your parents or starting over because he left you for someone younger? Or you left him, let’s be fair about it.

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Skincare for those of us who maybe over 40:

 Facial Cleansing Cream: one always need a cleanser that works with your skin, not take away all the natural oils, but removes all face makeup. I don’t use it to remove my eye makeup, but some have.

Eye Cream: just a little goes a long way! I have used the high end brands and when I started using this one, I never went back to those over-priced brands again!

 Dry Skin Toner: now I never would of thought of using a toner because I have dry fussy skin, but this one works great with the facial cleanser to help tone my face and bring back its softness.

Sea Mud Mineral Mask: I love this stuff!! And so does my dry skin. Even over 40 you still can get breakouts and this helps lessen them. I need one that I can use that cleans the pores but doesn’t leave my skin feeling all tight and itchy. This one does it job and I have clean pores and no dry skin. It works for all skin types and a great product to have.

Makeup tips for over 40:

Magic Lash is the number one item that needs to be in your makeup bag! I am not going to pay 80 dollars to get my lashes made longer that only last a few months. Or wear fake lashes when I can put Magic Lash on in the morning and take it off with my eye makeup remover at night. Its getting great reviews on for the younger crowd but it works great for all ages. I don’t like the look of short lashes if I don’t have to have them. Or thin ones but I don’t want something that takes forever to put on, cost me too much (right now Magic Lash is $15.00 and last longer than your mascara does!) Heard you can get a free Black Magic Mascara with your order, how awesome is that? In the long run it saves you money, and you just put it on with your mascara in the morning and forget about it. If your eyes are your best feature then Magic Lash is for sure for you!

Mineral eye shadows work great for our age IF you don’t go all wild with it and use colors that bring out your natural beauty.

Mascara must be something you wear everyday when you leave the house to do anything. I don’t leave the house with at least mascara and blush on. I use a cream blush and Black Magic Mascara and when I have a little extra time I use Magic Lash along with my mascara. You may not know this but wearing mascara opens up your eyes and make you look like you cared enough to put something on. Understanding that everyone is uber busy, you still need to take a little time for yourself.

And yes you can wear black mascara if you are a blond! Or fair skin. I think that rule is silly that you must wear brown/black mascara if you have blond lashes. I am a natural blond and brown/black mascara is hard to find and never looks quite right on me. I been wearing Black Magic Mascara and get looks by younger men and hit on it, I am a happy camper!

I will be back to write more on makeup tips for over 40.

Have an awesome day!

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