Martha Stewart Has Been Using The Same Eyeliner For 15 Years!

MArtha Stewart makeup routine

Martha Stewart shared her 10 minute makeup routine with Allure magazine revealing a dirty little secret. The millionaire said her professional makeup artist was probably cringing at her beauty skills but we were cheering along with her bronzed makeup look. The 79 year-old mogul has a love of shimmery and dewy skin pairing it with a simply eye look. But Stewart revealed that she’s been using the same tube of liquid eyeliner for 15 years!! Now we know she can afford a new one but Stewart says she’s so in love with the product and it’s discontinued so she keeps adding water to it.

And if you are reading this Martha, try the $7 Liquid Eyeliner from Palladio that comes in very similar shades.

MArtha Stewart needs as new eyeliner

Follow along with Martha Stewart’s makeup routine (skip the use of decrepit eyeliner) below.

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