Makeup In A Stick is Making a Comeback!

Makeup in stick form is coming back Milk Color Chalk
Convenience and ease of operation are the reasons makeup products in stick form are making a come back. Here are some new products to have on your radar

makeup in stick form is back concealer

Laura Mercier Camouflage Concealer Duo Stick   

Laura Mercier has put her award winner concealer into an easy to use, portable packaging. One end of the concealer stick is made to touch up the face.  Cover blemishes, red spots, or dark spots with the more matte side meanwhile the other end of the stick is formulated with a creamy illumination perfect for a mid day under eye pick me up.

Also: Many years ago, Laura Mercier put cream eyeshadow in a stick. She continued to release matte, sateen and glittery shades of her must have Caviar Stick Eye shadows. These long wear formulas are amazing for using alone, mixing together or layering with powder eyeshadows.

Milk Color Chalk

Milk Color Chalk
Channel your inner artist with these vibrant new multi use sticks. The handmade powder pigments add metallic shimmer for eyes, lips, cheeks and even hair! with zero chunky glitter or harmful plastics these are safe for eyes and the environment

Jones road face pencils

Jones Road Face Pencils
A newer brand, Jones Road comes from the genius mind of seasoned makeup artist Bobbi Brown and to say we are obsessed is an understatement. The Bobbi Brown foundation stick is still an amazing powdery light weight coverage product but with Jones Beauty she’s taken the idea a step further with her Face sticks. Easily layer for highlight and contour with these emollient and precise cream sticks that are virtually undetectable.

She also just added a genius hydrating moisturizer balm in stick form to her expanding line. Use this stick as a protective last step in your skincare routine before going all day with a protective face mask.


Not new but noteworthy
The NARS multiple had been around since the early days of the brand in the late 90s. Founder Francois Nars got the idea for a multi use stick product when he did an editorial spread where he put a lipstick on the models eyes, lips, and cheeks creating a lust worthy monochromatic look. The multiples are now available in blush and highlight shades as well as the universally flattering Orgasm color.

NARS Multiple sticks_1

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