How Would you Feel if your Skin was Crystal Clear?


Have you ever thought what you life would be like, if your skin was crystal clear No acne in sight, you skin is touchable soft, not dry or itchy, red? What do you think your life would be like? Do you feel you would be treated any differently if your face wasn’t broken out?

That isn’t a question that many of us asked cause we start feeling like we are being too proud, stuck up better than anyone else if we started thinking what if? What if he saw you from across the room at a party and has never really looked at you before today? What do you think would have to be difference for him to take notice of you?

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Many of us feel unimportant, hiding in the shadows cause our face has decided the day of the big party to break out and all you feel anyone is looking at is your pimples.

We know that’s its not true but our mind start playing tricks on us, as we are talking to someone new we start thinking to ourselves, is he noticing those big red pimples on my face? Is he going to want to talk to me beyond simple small talk that all parties have? Or will he start looking for someone new as soon as he can because he doesn’t want to stuck with someone who doesn’t look like she knows how to care for her skin? Not a very pretty thought, thinking what if he is only talking with me because there is no one else. Ouch even I who has clear skin is starting to feel sorry for you.

Ladies that is not the way to think! Just because your face has a red angrily pimple doesn’t mean that is the only think he is going to be looking at, not seeing the real you. How do you know if he isn’t interested in you because you have lost weight and have started holding yourself a little straighter because of that?

Ahh you didn’t think of that did you? No matter what you may think, acne is a part of life, for some its harder to deal with because you have a really bad case of it. But there are ways to help you deal with it while its healing. There are natural ways that are a set away from the what the rest of the world thinks you should be doing, and it really helping you from the inside out. And if you have lost weight, stand proud, at any age that’s not something that’s easy to do, acne be damn!

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