These Celebs Prove You Can Wear A Smokey Eye Anywhere

meghan markle smokey eye (1)

If a smokey eye makeup look seems intimidating, take a cue from these much loved celeb’s look books. Stars like Penelope Cruz, Laverne Cox and Sarah Jessica Parker seem to wear a smokey eye look so effortlessly that they may have been born with it. A smokey eye look can be as easy as a smudged eyeliner or as complex as a diffused graduation of color with a shimmery top. What ever your makeup skill level, you can (and should wear a smokey eye). Here we’ll break down different types of smokey eye looks and how to wear them.

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Laverne Cox pairs her very diffused smokey eye with some structured eyeliner. The angle of the liner gives a lift to the face

Hailee Steinfeld smokey eye (1)

Hailee Steinfeld effortless wears a smokey eye. In this photo, a base of neutral brown shadows is given a touch of plum on top. The purple hue brings out the light amber tones of Hailee’s eyes and compliments the romantic nature of her Oscar outfit.

zendaya-malcolm-marie-makeup (1)

What’s the perfect look for arguing with your boyfriend? A smokey eye of course! We joke but the evolution of Zendaya’s makeup through the film “Malcom & Marie” is almost like a third character. She returns from the big premiere party to make mac and cheese while wearing a smokey eye with a glittery topper in the center. Although the film is in black and white, we guess the shimmer is gold and helps to open up the center of Zendaya’s eye. Later in the film, the glitter seems to melt as she bathes in the tub leaving just a hint of smokey eye liner.

sarah jessica parker smokey eye (1)

When you think of Sarah Jessica Parker, you think of fabulous shoes and a classic smokey eye. Parker’s uses traditional grey and black shades for her signature look and it almost becomes a picture frame for her piercing blue eyes. The colors blend up (instead of out) to enhance her and open her hooded eye shape.

smokey eye penelope cruz (1)

Penelope Cruz matches her bronze and brown smokey eye with her neutral lip. These hues give a softness to the smokey eye. The darkest parts of this look are the deep brown liner and matching shadow that is only placed in the outer corner of the look enhancing her almond shaped eyes.

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Meghan Markle pairs barely their face makeup with a soft taupe smokey eye pretty regularly. This has been her staple since she began dating Prince Harry. For her wedding makeup, Meghan Markle added some flared single false eyelashes for a touch of drama. We love that she proved you can wear a smokey eye for wedding makeup and still look classy and elegant.


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