How To Spring Clean Your Makeup


How to Spring clean your makeup and beauty products

It’s that time of year to take a look at your stash of beauty product and do some reorganizing. We’ve got tips on what to toss and what to save when it comes to Spring cleaning your makeup. 

The first step in cleaning up your beauty products is to take a look at expirations dates. Anything with SPF or skincare with salicylic acid like acne treatments should have an expiration date on the bottle somewhere.

Lipsticks tend to last a year or two and since many of us haven’t worn any lip products because of the lockdown and wearing protective masks, it’s a good time to review your inventory. If you can’t remember when you purchased your lipsticks, give them a sniff. Old lipsticks will start to smell like crayons.

Spring clean your makeup and beauty products expirations dates

For other beauty products look for the little open jar symbol that will tell you how many months the product is good from the time you open it. Shampoos, body creams, moisturizers and makeup all have this symbol. Unopened products should be good for a few years longer than their purchase dates. How to Spring clean your makeup and beauty products

After you’ve thrown out your expired products, now it’s time to sort. Just like cleaning your closet, if you haven’t worn a makeup product in the last 9 months you may want to toss it. You should also sort your makeup by season and/or occasion. Your vanity or main makeup bag should have your everyday essentials like foundation and concealer and a few options for everyday eye and lip looks. You can also store there one or two dressier makeup look options.

Store away in a separate bag seasonal items like hydrating masks and deeper shades that you are less likely to wear during the Spring and Summer seasons.

How to Spring clean your makeup and beauty products

We suggest looking into the makeup bags from the innovative company Kusshi or invest in depoting your pressed powders and putting them in a Trish McEvoy planner. Lady Gaga’s makeup artist Sarah Tanno developed a beautiful organization system with iDesign for your vanity and drawers.   How to Spring clean your makeup and beauty products


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