How To Get Rid of Dark Under Eye Circles

how to get rid of dark undereye circles

Waking up with dark circles under your eyes, regardless of how much sleep you’ve gotten is a norm for many of us. While puffy bags under eyes is a little easier to cure, fighting dark circles is a bit more challenging.

This skin under the eyes is three times as thin as the rest of the face so what you are seeing isn’t hyperpigmentation but actually the blood underneath your skin.

how to get rid of dark undereye circles best products for dark circles

Your best bet for getting rid of undereye circles is to invest in an eye cream with ingredients like hyaluronic acid that will plump the skin giving it more fullness and therefore more cushion away from the blood cells. You can also try the hyaluronic eye patches from Skyn Iceland.

best eye cream for dark undereye circles

Other eye creams that help with dark undereye bags are ones with ingredients that help circulate that concentration of blood cells like Arnica or Milk Thistle (both are natural products).

how to get rid of dark undereye circles

While these makeup tips won’t make the dark circles go away completely, it will improve the appearance of dark circles.
To cover dark undereye bags with makeup we recommend using a color corrector before applying concealer. A color corrector will do the heavy listing of canceling out the darkness a allowing you to use a brightening concealer on top. Use more of the corrector then just a touch of concealer to blend it into the to cover dark undereye circles2.jpg

Watch this shocking video to see how Bebe Rexha conceals her dark undereye circles.

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