How To Get A Facelift Using Just Makeup

You can easily give yourself a pain free facelift using makeup. It’s always been my philosophy that the placement of your makeup is more important than what shades you choose. Strategic yet very simple steps can alter the way you look. Take years off your face yet still look natural (no heavy contouring here) with these easy steps.



Give your brows definition and shape by filling them in with a fine pencil. Focus on giving yourself an arch and tail to the brow adding little hairs in between to give fullness. A distinct arch draws the attention of the eye up and gives an instant lift to the brow and forehead. Comb through the brow with the spoolie to soften any harsh lines. Watch the transformation a filled in brow can make in this video from Charlotte Tilbury.



One of my favorite ways to give the eyes a lift is a thin line of eyeliner that is placed on the upper water line. This technique of tightlining makes the lashes looks fuller and again lifts the eyes for a more awake look. Alone it is a soft no makeup look but paired with a traditional eyeliner, adds intensity to the lash line.

The video below shows how you can tap the eyelid and the upper lashes flip up. Now just wiggle a long wearing, yet soft eyeliner in between lashes to tightline.


Be sure to remove all eyeliner at the end of the day to prevent infection. I highly recommend the Lune & Aster Micellar Gel which doesn’t burn and helps condition the lashes.

How to get a facelift using only makeup



Concealer can not only hide dark under eye bags but strategic placement can give the illusion of an lifted eye. First use a concealer that matches your complexion to hide under eye bags and dark circles. Next use a concealer shade that is a bit lighter and place it in the inner corner of the eye and on the outer part of the eye. Be sure to angle up as shown in the photo. Blend to soften lines. After setting the concealer with a translucent powder, you can reinforce the lifted eye look with a light reflecting powder like the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder.


How to get a facelift using only makeup



Lining the lips, even if it’s a shade that matches your actual lip color, is a great way to create more shape. Defining the cupids bow, that center area of the upper lip will also draw attention to more lifted look. Be sure not to over line the lower lip or go too far out in the outer corners as that will create a downturned lip. Look how much fuller the lips appear in the photo below.

How to get a facelift using only makeup

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