How to find the best foundation shade for your skin tone

how to find a perfect foundation match (1)
Finding a perfect foundation shade match can be challenging but here are some expert tips that can help you land a good match once and for all.

1- Come to terms with the idea that you man need two different shades. If you have some hyperpigmentation on your face you may want to opt for two different shades – a darker shade for those more pigmented areas and a lighter one for the other areas. It’s also quiet normal to have a winter shade and a summer shade if you spend a lot of time outdoors in the warmer weather.

how to find a perfect foundation match (1)
2- Your eyes are the best for matching
Don’t trust the department store gadgets that say they can color match you. Use those and other tools like models with similar skin tones to you  as a starting point but always trust your own eyes.
how to find a perfect foundation match (1)

3-Use the 3 swatch rule
Take a generous amount if the foundation and swipe it in a straight line on the side of your face. Do this with three different shades. I also recommend doing the same three swatches on your upper chest. The stripe that blends in the most before rubbing it in is your shade.

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4-If your body and face are two different colors.
If your face is a lot lighter or less red than your body, pat yourself on the back. This means you’ve been protecting the delicate skin on your face with spf. After doing the three swatch step above, chose a shade that’s slightly warmer than you face but not as deep as your body. You’ll can always warm up the perimeter of your face with bronzer so that it matches your body.

5- Ask for samples
Even some online outlets are happy to sample you on a few different shades of foundation. That way you can see the shades in various different lights.

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