Brush or Sponge? How to Apply Liquid Foundation?

So you’ve found the perfect foundation but now are left wondering what is the best way to apply liquid foundation? Is a makeup sponge or brush better?

Are brushes better for applying liquid foundation

Most water based foundations work best if applied with a brush. A dense brush will help glide on a fluid, serum or tint foundation without absorbing a lot of your product. Using a brush will allow you to get a soft and natural look which is probably what you intended when you purchased a light to medium foundation.

Try working the brush in circular motions to buff foundation into the skin and avoid leaving behind brush strokes. The KVD Beauty brush above has an angled brush head to reach into corners like around the nose.

Are sponges better for applying liquid foundation

For a creamy foundation like a the It Cosmetics CC cream, or Too Faced’s Born This Way Foundation try using your fingers or an anti bacterial sponge like the ultra soft Pure Luxury sponges from Jenny Patinkin . A sponge used with a bouncing motion will deliver maximum skin  coverage while also preventing a cakey foundation look. By pushing your makeup into your skin this way, it will warm and melt into the skin instead up sitting too heavily on top.

You can also try Beauty Blender’s new environmentally friendly green sponge.

Best tools for applying liquid foundation

You want to ensure you are washing either product after every 2-3 uses or as often as possible. For sponges we recommend the Blender cleanser that comes with a silicone pad for easy scrubbing or the pro -artist loved Cinema secrets which also disinfects your foundation tools. 

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