Biggest Hair Trends of 2021

2021 hair trends bangs

After a long, hard year which lead to boxed hair dye and embracing ones natural hair texture we see the 2021 hair trends continuing an effortless appeal and playful looks. Here are the hair trends we predict will be the must have looks of the year.

2021 hair trends -margot robbie

1- Natural Roots

Gone are the dramatic hair color transformations. This year we will see hair color that more closely resembles a person’s natural tones. Of course there will be endless possibilities for high and low lights throughout but keeping the base color also allows for a less dramatic root growth in case your salon has to shut down again.

2021 hair trends bangs

2- Banging Bangs

Bangs will continue to be a big thing this year but not in the traditional sense. French fringe, a more choppy brow grazer, (like Camila Cabello’s above) can be modified to suit any number of hair textures, face shapes, and is easier to deal with a sweaty forehead when the weather starts to warm up. The curtain bang will continue to be a mainstay. This is the low-maintenance answer to traditional fringe, offering an effortlessly cool touch with much less commitment.

2021 hair trends

3- Tousled Texture

The unexpected time at home last year saw loads of people finally taking the time to get better acquainted with their natural hair patterns. Embracing your coils, or waves will be a big hit this year. Otherwise you will see people mimicking this  “I woke up like this” hair trend by creating waves with their flat iron.

2021 hair trends

4- Short Styles

We’ve seen several celebs like Halsey and Demi Lovato go for a big chop while in quarantine and we wouldn’t be surprised if many people follow suit. Not only does this cut down on your morning routine but navigating clippers is a pretty easy thing to learn.

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