Age Appropriate Makeup For Teens

Appropriate makeup for teens

Nowadays teens seem to want to wear makeup even younger. With the boom of YouTubers, teens are experimenting with makeup even as young as 10 years old. We feel that makeup is an expression of ones true self so we are all for it! But here are a few makeup tips and tricks that teens need to know before playing with makeup.

1-You don’t need it. Parents should explain to teens that makeup is an extension of your self expression and not required. This conversation will start a healthy view of beauty instead of leading them to a path of feeling like they need to live up to a certain beauty standard. Remember to love the skin you are in.

Appropriate makeup for teens
2- Wash your face every night.
If your teen wants to explore makeup then they must make a commitment to washing their face everyday. Dealing with hormonal acne is bad enough but sleeping in makeup will just make those breakouts even worse.

Appropriate makeup for teens
3- Start off natural
Thanks to influential teens like Billie Eilish, Olivia Rodrigo and Skai Jackson pioneering a less is more look when it comes to makeup, teens have good examples of appropriate makeup. A little brow gel from Anastasia Beverly Hill, a light tinted face makeup with sunscreen like Bobbi Brown’s Fluid powder foundation, and a lip gloss from Florence Mills are really all you need. Finish off the look with a brown or clear mascara (these are less bold than a black mascara). You can play with the highlighter like those from a clean beauty brand like glossier or a flesh tone shimmery eye shadow.

Appropriate makeup for teens


4- Never share beauty products with friends

In post COVID times this message may sound obvious but sharing products with friends is a big no no. Any products going on your lips or eyes can spread bacteria. Even brushes, lets say for bronzer or highlighter, that aren’t properly washed can spread oils and germs between users.

Hold off on bold lipstick shades, and colorful eyeshadows until you are a little bit older or for special occasion. 


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