3 Ways To Wear Liquid Eyeliner

three ways to wear liquid eyeliner

Everyone and anyone can wear liquid eyeliner! Any eye shape or age can benefit from this bold, eye opening look. From Audrey Hepburn to Amy Winehouse, the classic cat eye look has been around, in one form or another, for years now. The look gets a new spin for 2021 but any way you chose, we highly recommend trying out a liquid eyeliner look and these three liquid eyeliner looks are your go to guide.

How to create 3 different liquid eyeliner looks
The Minimalist
This beauty look proves that anyone, at any age, with any eye shape can wear liquid liner. The easiest of applications this look is created by holding a liquid liner pen parallel to the lash line and tapping it down for the extent of the lash line
This liquid eyeliner look is created by using a simple stamping method to creating a single clean line without the tricky flick at the end. With loads of definition this look helps make lashes look very thick at their root.

three ways to wear liquid eyeliner

The Classic

The classic cat eye consists of a liquid liner that is thinner in the inner corner of the eye and gets thicker towards the outer edge an is followed by a flick at the end.

Start this look by creating the flick first. Angle your brush or liquid liner pen with the lower lash line and swipe up. Starting at the lower lash line will create a more elongated look for your eyes as opposed to a curled up end to the eyeliner.

How to create 3 different liquid eyeliner looks

Next, connect the outer most tip to the lash line creating a side ways triangle at the outer part of the eye. If your eyes are hooded, don’t continue the eyeliner to the inner corner. Going half way with the line helps keep the eyes bright and open.

how to do liquid eyeliner


You can stop the look at Step 5 below or add a soft powder shadow like step number 6 for a


more dramatic look.

How to create 3 different liquid eyeliner looks
The Adventurer

The 2021 version of liquid liner has taken on a more free form approach. Disjointed lines and strokes of color are a playful and easy way to give a graphic and bold statement. Nothing says fearless like these floating eyeliner creations.

How to create 3 different liquid eyeliner looks

Must Have Products for Liquid Eyeliner Looks

Wearing a liquid liner with little to no shadow allows the liner to be the star of the show. It also allows you to easily clean up lines using a tiny cotton swab and makeup remover.

Must have products for liquid eyeliner

I’ve also found putting a bit of radiant highlighter on an angled brush is a way to clean and define the edges of your eyeliner look.

Chanel’s Intense Longwear Eyeliner Pen is my number one pick for liquid eyeliner as the felt tip has the perfect amount of stiffness to create a precise line.

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