Tyra Banks Launches Skincare Line

42 year -old model Tyra Banks doesn’t look a day over 25 so you can guarantee that when she talks skincare we listen. After the successful launch of her cosmetics line, Banks is now launching a skincare line. The supermodel says, “I get it from my momma! I’m not talking about DNA or some sort of youth gene that passed down to me through the ages of my family. I’m talking about habits.”


Tyra Beauty Skincare, out now, is a four-piece collection featuring a cleanser, serum, mask and microdermabrasion tool. Pieces can be purchased separately or together for $117.

One of the coolest pieces of the collection is the cleanser with built in scrubbing brush. Banks says,  “I can hear my mom’s voice now, ‘Tyra, you better stop washing your face with just your dirty little hands! Don’t you know all you’re doing is spreading that dirt all over your face?’” We can’t wait to try it.