Star’s Makeup We Love- Bebe Rexha

It may seem like Bebe Rexha came out of nowhere but the singer has also been writing songs for major artists and kicking butt in Europe for a few years now. The Albanian beauty who grew up in our hometown of Staten Island NY, is a hot ticket item in the dance and pop scene. We’re sure you’ll be seeing a lot more of her soon. Whether blonde or brunette our favorite red carpet looks from this stunner.

bebe-rexha-iheartradio-makeupmandatory bebe-rexha-hair-makeupmandatory


bebe-rexha-mtv-europe-makeupmandatory bebe-rexha-makeupmandatory


bebe-rexha-makeup-silver-makeupmandatory bebe-rexha-brunette-makeupmandatory

bebe-rexha-divas-makeupmandatory red-lip-beeb-rexha-makeupmandatory