The Real Housewives of NYC Love Triangle

If you haven’t been watching the Real Housewives of NYC the main plot is surrounding a man named Tom. LuAnn de Lesseps spent the summer dating around but when she revealed that she was falling in love and talking about marriage with Tom her good friends were shocked.


Ramona Singer revealed she had been dating Tom before LuAnn and that she met Tom through Ramona. There was debate about how many dates Ramona actually went on with Tom but ultimately it was revealed it was more than a few. Sonja Morgan with held for a bit the fact that she too had been sleeping with Tom before LuAnn met him.

Bethenny (see below video) reveals that she smells a snake in the grass and has some proof to back it up.

As a friend Bethenny should spill the details. It does make us wonder how of all the middle aged women on the Upper East Side of NYC, Tom ended up with 3 of the Housewives. Sounds like Tom would like to get his 15 minutes of fame by any means. Would you date (or marry) someone who had dated any number of your friends?