OC Actress Mischa Barton Taken To Hospital For Mental Evaluation

Actress Mischa Barton was in the backyard of her home when she started yelling and making incoherent statements. TMZ obtained these photos of Barton hanging over her backyard fence in West Hollywood.

A witness says she was rambling about her mom being a witch, and the world shattering. At one point she fell backward off the fence and said, “Oh my God, it’s over! I feel it, and it’s angry!” Neighbors called the police and Mischa was voluntarily transported to a hospital for mental evaluation.

Back in 2009 Barton was admitted into a psych ward for an extended time for what she called a “full on breakdown.” She said of that situation, “It was terrifying, Straight out of Girl, Interrupted. Story of my life.” She chalked up that behavior to “living a jet-set lifestyle” adding “There were a lot of enablers around, people to fly you around and make it all possible,” which sounds to us like an addiction problem. 

Barton hasn’t had a hit show or movie since The OC however she has been filming a lot and also starred on Dancing With The Stars, a experience she later said she hated.