Who Did Lady Gaga Call When She Ended Her Engagement? It Will Surprise You.

Lady Gaga’s sudden split from actor/fiance Taylor Kinney was a big surprise. The stars have said they have no animosity towards each other and Gaga cleared up that her new song “Perfect Illusion” is not about Taylor.


So who does Gaga call when she’s going through heartbreak? Well 90 year-old crooner Tony Bennett, that’s who.

“Because sometimes you don’t wanna call your mom and air out everything because then she’s nervous. Then you call your father, and he gets upset, and he wants to beat the guy up,” Gaga added, “So I say: Who do I call when I’m in heartbreak? I call Tony. I really do. I really do. I call Tony.”


Kind of makes sense. He’s wise and has been married a long time. Their relationship is so cute! #SquadGoals