Katherine Heigl Says She Preferrs Adoption Over Carrying A Child

Actress Katherine Heigl just gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. The star who has two adopted girls says that the pregnancy came as a surprise.  “I think that if it hadn’t been a surprise, I’m not sure I would have done it.” The star went on to say,  “But I’m so grateful that I did.” calling the experience magical.

Heigl says her pregnancy was pretty easy with the exception of constant indigestion however her baby was breached and she had to have a cesarean section. She says the emotional roller coaster that is known as post pardom depression hasn’t been fun so she says,  “I actually prefer the adoption way because I wasn’t subject to hormones.” Wow! Is it just us or does this sound extremely ungrateful and entitled?

You an check out more of Heigl’s story in the new issue of People magazine.