John Hamm and Miles Teller Talk About Wearing Makeup

Jon Hamm isn’t afraid to admit that he wears makeup. “It’s funny when guys don’t like to talk about makeup.You know you’re wearing makeup, right? We all are.” So what exactly is he wearing when he makes a red carpet appearance? His groomer Kim Verbeck, sat down with Glamour and dished, “For Jon I use a tinted oil-free moisturizer and a little powder for shine. And just a little concealer under the eyes.” She also says she uses a bit of dry shampoo in his hair to add body.

Barbara Guillaume,, another experienced groomer who works with stars like Edgar Ramirez says, “If you put too many products and tools out, male clients get scared! Moisturizer, eyedrops, antishine, concealer, powder mixed with a little bronzer, and lip balm—that’s it.” Having done some men’s grooming myself I know this is so true. What else does grooming entail? Trimming nose hairs and brows. So glamorous!

Miles Teller says his favorite red carpet look was when he walked the Oscaras Red Carpet for Whiplash and his go to red carpet product is self tanner, “Because you can feel like shit, and everyone is like, “Oh my God, you look amazing!”