Inside The Kardashian/Jenner’s Glam Rooms

The Kardashian and Jenners spend a good part of their days getting hair and makeup done. Though we’ve seen Kylie do a good job on her own, the girls usually have professionals come to their homes for shoots for their aps or shooting ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’. Spending so much time getting ready, it only makes sense to have a tricked out glam room. That’s where designer Martyn Lawrence Bullard comes into play.


Here’s 5 things we learned about the designs he did for the Kardashian/Jenners:

1-He customizes each glam room to fit the personality of the sister. “Kendall is cool and hip and her vibe is so amazing, so her glam room is more of a cool space, rather than being very serious,” he explains to PeopleStyle of the design. “The new room we’re doing for Kris is a very beautiful space. It’s dramatic and ultra modern, which is a new look for her, but it’s also super luxurious.”


2- Then comes the technical stuff. He meets with the glam teams to make sure the rooms have everything they need- especially optimal lighting for makeup. He ensures that the room is customized to each sister including the height of the chair.


3- He then organizes the storage. “There’s a compartmental top drawer that comes in, and we perfectly line the drawers for every particular lipstick or mascara, so everything is carefully and orderly set up with little divisions that are made in plexiglass. All the makeup is divided perfectly and all those things are done in precise custom cabinetry.” That being said, most of their product needs are brought in by the makeup artist and hair stylists and don’t reside in the glam rooms.


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