Get Inspiration From Popsicles

Be inspired by your favorite hot summer treat- popsicles. Choose washes of orange, pink, and purple for your eye cheeks and lips (but maybe not all 3 at the same time). This is a great look for a summer music festival. To get a nice watercolor look choose cream products or apply powders with a damp Beauty Blender.


Primes eyes and then add Makeup Forever Aqua Cream. Mix colors to get a custom hue.





For cheeks try Becca Cosmetics Beach Tint or Laura Mericer’s Colour Dots for Cheeks & Lips




For lips like this start applying color in the center of the lips and feather it out to lightly hit the lip line.

eSpoir lip stain water glow swatches

Try Revlon Just Bitten Kiseable Lip Stains