George Clooney’s Mom Reveals The Gender Of His Twins

As we reported George Clooney is about to become a dad. Wife Amal Clooney is pregnant with twins. Clooney’s adorable mom is super excited as the couple is expecting a boy and a girl.

Although the couple haven’t commented publicly on their pregnancy, Nina Clooney told Vogue magazine, “It will be one of each! Yes, a boy and a girl. That’s what I’ve been told.”  She also revealed that Amal is due in June.

By the looks of how George was very attentive to Amal as they landed in LA, we agree with Matt Damon’s comments that George will be a good dad. Damon said he was almost in tears when George told him the news last fall adding, .“Look, the two of them, they’re just great people and they’re going to be great parents. It’s going to be a huge challenge, I mean, one baby cries, wakes the other up. It’s going to be on in that household.”

Clooney joins a long list of celebs who have twins including Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, and Mariah Carey.