Are Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield Getting Back Together?

Exes Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield are both nominated for many awards this season. Stone earned a BAFTA for her role in La La Land and was reportedly seen ‘cuddling and holding hands’ with Garfield at an event after party. Garfield’s Hacksaw Ridge is nominated for several awards as well.

After meeting on the set of The Amazing Spider man in 2011 the two actors began dating. In 2015 they amicable split. The fact the these exes still hodl a flame for each other is no secret. Stone told Vogue he is “someone I still love very much” while Garfield told The Hollywood Reporter that she is someone he would bring to a desert island.

When Stone accepted her Golden Globe Award you could see Garfield in the audience cheering her on. So maybe all their awards season run ins will lead to a rekindled romance.