Ben Affleck Seeks Help For Alcohol Addiction

When Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner called off their divorce recently hopes were up that the couple would rekindle their relationship. Now Ben has admitted that he has been seeking treatment for alcohol addiction and he’s getting support from his former wife. Although he doesn’t say the two are getting back together, it is clear from this statement that the divorce is on hold so Affleck can face his demons.

The couple initiated divorce after it was rumored that Affleck had cheated on Jen with the couple’s family nanny. For years rumors have spread that Affleck had problems with alcohol and gambling though it has never been public knowledge. His courage to announce this is admirable.

No word yet from brother Casey on the situation however the two are clearly close. Ben choked up during his brother’s Oscar win last month. They are the only brothers in history to win Best Actor Oscars.