Ariel Winter Starts Butt Contour Craze?

Remember when actress Ariel Winter posted this picture of someone painting something on her butt?



Well it turns out the star wasn’t covering a blemish or doing some fun body paint. She was probably doing Butt Contour. I’ve done plenty of boob, neck and face contour in my life as a makeup artist, even rubbed moisturizer on legs and tops of feet but I’d have to be paid a LOT to do some butt contour.

Pro makeup artist  Andre Sarmiento, told Refinery 29,  “Like all contouring, booty contouring lets you play with shadow and light to bring out or push back features. So, it’s basically a way to shape your assets with makeup to give a lifted, more slender, or more pronounced appearance.” How to do it? He says. “The most traditional technique is to draw a “C” shape around the sides with a dark shade and highlight kind of high and central on your actual bum. That gives you the appearance of lift and fullness.”

Extreme contour including body contour doesn’t really look so great in real life but for a photo shoot “where there is controlled light or harsh lights that really work with the contouring” (which is what Winter was up to) you can pull it off.

Would you try this technique?


For body contour that is a little more natural for real life, you can try spray tanning like Kim Kardashian and Mariah Carey did below.